Affenpinscher: the small monkey-like dog

The Affenpinscher, also known as the "evening dog" or "monkey terrier", is a small but brave dog breed that was originally developed to fight vermin in homes and stables in Germany. With its mischievous personality and distinct monkey-like facial expressions, the Affenpinscher is more than just a dog – it's a beloved family member with plenty of charm and character.


The Affenpinscher, which means "monkey terrier" in German, has its roots in 17th century Germany. The breed was originally developed to fight pests such as rats and mice. Over time, the Affenpinscher's role changed from being a pest control dog to being a prized companion dog, especially in early 20th century Europe.

Traits and Temperament

Affenpinschers are brave, curious and often comical dogs. They are known for their confidence and courage, which often makes them unaware of their small size. Affenpinschers are loyal to their families and can be protective, making them excellent watchdogs despite their small size.


The Affenpinscher is a small dog breed, with a height that varies between 23 and 30 centimeters and a weight between 3 and 6 kilograms. Despite its small size, the Affenpinscher is known for its courage and determination.

Appearance and Coat

Affenpinschers have a distinctive appearance with their monkey-like facial expressions, mischievous expressions and dense, coarse coats. The coat can vary in color, including black, gray, silver, red, and beige. The breed requires regular brushing to keep the coat in good condition.

How much fur does an Affenpinscher shed?

Affenpinschers have a matted, coarse coat that sheds minimally. Despite this, they require regular brushing to keep their fur healthy and prevent tangles. With proper care, an Affenpinscher can be a good choice for people with mild allergies.

Are Affenpinschers family friendly?

Yes, Affenpinschers can be very family friendly and loyal to the people they know and trust. However, they are also very independent and can be reserved towards strangers. As always, early socialization and training is essential to ensure the dog grows up to be a well-rounded adult.

Acquiring an Affenpinscher

If you are considering getting an Affenpinscher, it is important to understand that this breed requires regular mental stimulation and exercise, as well as an owner who can handle an independent and determined dog. With the right care and upbringing, an Affenpinscher can become a charming and loyal companion with a great personality.

How many Affenpinschers are there in Sweden?

In Sweden, there are 581 registered Affenpinschers as of 2022-12-31.