American Akita

American Akita

The majestic guard dog from Japan

The American Akita, also known as the Akita Shepherd, is a large and powerful dog breed characterized by its noble and impressive appearance. With its deep-set eyes, prominent body and thick double coat, the American Akita is more than just a dog – it is a symbol of strength, loyalty and nobility.


Originating from the mountainous regions of northern Japan, the American Akita has a long and rich history. The breed was originally developed as guard dogs and hunting dogs for large game such as bears, wild boar and deer. During World War II, American Akitas were also trained as war dogs. The breed was introduced to the United States by soldiers returning from World War II, leading to the development of a larger and more robust variety known as the American Akita.

Traits and Temperament

American Akitas are bold, independent and confident dogs. They are extremely loyal to their families and can be protective, making them excellent watchdogs. Despite their size and power, American Akitas have a loving and gentle side, especially when it comes to their immediate family members.


American Akitas are large dogs, with a height that varies between 61 and 71 centimeters at the withers and a weight between 32 and 54 kilograms. Their impressive size along with their strong and muscular body make them a powerful presence.

Appearance and Coat

American Akitas are stately dogs with a strong and powerful body, a thick double coat and a broad head. Their fur can vary in color, including white, black, red, sesame and brindle. They also have a distinct "bear-like" facial expression with deep-set eyes.

How much fur does an American Akita shed?

American Akitas have a thick double coat that sheds significantly, especially during the spring and fall shedding seasons. Regular brushing is important to keep the fur in good condition and reduce the amount of loose fur in the home.

Are American Akitas family friendly?

Yes, they can be very family friendly and loving towards the people they know and trust. However, they are also very protective and can be reserved towards strangers. As always, early socialization and training is essential to ensure the dog grows up to be a well-rounded adult.

Acquiring an American Akita

If you are considering getting an American Akita, it is important to understand that this breed requires a lot of exercise and mental stimulation, as well as an owner who can handle a large, independent and strong dog. With the right care and upbringing, an American Akita can become a loyal, loving and impressive companion.