American Toy Fox Terrier

American Toy Fox Terrier

A lively and loving miniature fighter

The American Toy Fox Terrier, often called "Toy Fox" or just "TFT", is a charming and playful breed that combines the courageous and energetic nature of the terrier with a small, manageable size. With its easy temperament, playfulness and tireless enthusiasm, the Toy Fox Terrier is a perfect companion for those who want a small yet sturdy dog ​​breed.


The Toy Fox Terrier originates from the United States and is a direct descendant of the Smooth Fox Terrier. The breed was developed in the 20th century to create a smaller version of the Fox Terrier, retaining its brave and happy nature but in a smaller package. The American Toy Fox Terrier was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2003.

Traits and Temperament

Despite its small size, the American Toy Fox Terrier has a lot of energy and is often on the move. They are known to be very fast and have an incredible ability to jump and climb. These dogs are highly intelligent, easy to train and tend to be very loyal to their owners.


The American Toy Fox Terrier is a small dog breed, with adult dogs typically weighing between 1.5 and 3 kg. The height at the withers varies between 21 to 29 cm, making them an ideal size for those who prefer smaller dogs.

Appearance and Coat

The American Toy Fox Terrier has a smooth, shiny coat and a distinct, expressive face. The breed comes in several different color combinations, including white with black and/or brown markings. Their coat is low maintenance and only requires regular brushing.

How much fur does an American Toy Fox Terrier shed?

The American Toy Fox Terrier does not shed much and is considered a low maintenance breed when it comes to grooming. Periodic brushing is enough to keep their coat in top condition.

Are American Toy Fox Terriers Family Friendly?

Absolutely! Toy Fox Terriers are known to be very social and friendly dogs who love human company. They are good with children and make excellent family dogs. However, interactions between very young children and this breed should always be supervised, as TFTs are small and can be damaged by accidental rough play.

Acquiring an American Toy Fox Terrier

Acquiring an American Toy Fox Terrier requires careful consideration. The breed is generally healthy and robust but potential owners should be aware that they can be susceptible to certain health problems, including patellar luxation and dog allergies. It's also important to only buy from responsible breeders who test their dogs for genetic diseases and prioritize the dogs' overall health and well-being.

How many American Toy Fox Terriers are there in Sweden?

In Sweden, there are 59 registered American Toy Fox Terriers as of 2022-12-31.