A light and handy hunting dog

The Ariégeois is a hunting dog breed that comes from the Ariège region in southern France. The breed is known for its endurance, friendliness and light body. If you are looking for an active and affectionate companion, the Ariégeois may be the dog for you. In this article we go through the breed's origins, appearance, behavior and what it takes to own an Ariégeois.


The Ariégeois is a relatively new breed, bred in the mid-20th century in the Ariège region of the Pyrenees in southern France. The breed is a cross between Grand Bleu de Gascogne and Briquet as well as some local dogs. The Ariégeois was bred mainly for hunting hare and wild boar, and its light and athletic body makes it very suitable for this purpose.


The Ariégeois is a medium-sized dog. Adult males reach a withers height of 52-58 cm while bitches are slightly smaller with a withers height of 50-56 cm. The weight is usually between 28 and 30 kg.

Appearance and Coat

The Ariégeois has an elegant and athletic body with a lean and strong structure. The breed has a friendly and intelligent facial expression. The fur is short, thick and white, with black spots. The breed's ears are of medium length and hang down on the sides of the head.

How much fur does an Ariégeois shed?

The Ariégeois has a short coat that requires minimal grooming. It does, however, shed fur, just like all other dog breeds, but not excessively. Regular brushing can help keep shedding under control and keep the coat in good condition.

How much exercise does an Ariégeois require?

The Ariégeois is a very active breed that requires regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. Long daily walks, jogging or playing in a safe, fenced area are good ways to ensure your Ariégeois gets enough physical activity.

Is Ariégeois family friendly?

Ariégeois are known for their friendly and accommodating nature. They generally get along well with children and can be very affectionate with their family. However, the breed is primarily a hunting dog, which means it can have a high hunting instinct and may not get along as well with smaller pets unless early socialization takes place.

Procurement of an Ariégeois

Acquiring an Ariégeois means a commitment to meet their high energy level and exercise needs. These dogs do best with active families where they get plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. As a breed with a strong hunting instinct, it can take time and dedication to train and socialize an Ariégeois. However, if you have the time and dedication to offer, you may find that the Ariégeois becomes a loyal and loving member of your family.