The charming and active family dog

Aussiedoodle, also known as Aussiepoo or Aussiepoodle, is a hybrid breed that is crossed between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. This intelligent and energetic breed is known for its friendly temperament, playfulness and amazing adaptability. With their curly coats and eyes that radiate joy and love, Aussiedoodles have become popular family dogs.


The Aussiedoodle is a relatively new hybrid breed that probably originated in the United States in the 21st century. They are created by crossing an Australian Shepherd and a poodle, usually a standard or miniature poodle. The purpose of this crossing is to create a dog that carries the best qualities of both breeds, including the hypoallergenic coat of the poodle and the herding instincts and work ethic of the Australian Shepherd.

Traits and Temperament

Aussiedoodles are known for their intelligence, energy and affection. They love to be the center of attention and thrive best when they are active participants in the family's daily life. With a natural curiosity and a love of exploration, these dogs are also quick learners and respond well to training methods that use positive reinforcement.

Aussiedoodles are very versatile and can be used for a variety of activities and purposes. Here are some things that Aussiedoodles are particularly good at:

  1. Family Dogs: With their friendly and loving temperament, Aussiedoodles make great family dogs. They are very affectionate and often have a strong bond with their human family members.

  2. Therapy and Assistance Dogs: Thanks to their intelligence and willingness to please, Aussiedoodles can be trained to be therapy or assistance dogs. They have the ability to sense and react to people's emotions, which makes them particularly suitable for this role.

  3. Sports and Activities: Aussiedoodles love to be active and can enjoy and excel in a variety of dog sports and activities, including agility, obedience, rally obedience, search and rescue training, and more.

  4. Hypoallergenic pets: With their poodle heritage, Aussiedoodles tend to shed less hair than many other breeds, making them a good choice for people with allergies.

  5. Trainable: Aussiedoodles are highly intelligent and love to learn new things. With the right training methods, they can quickly learn a variety of commands and tricks.


Aussiedoodles vary widely in size depending on the type of poodle used for breeding. Generally speaking, an Aussiedoodle can vary between 25 to 70 cm in height at the shoulder and can weigh between 7 to 30 kg. They can be categorized into three main sizes: standard, medium and mini.

Appearance and Coat

Aussiedoodles' coats are often curly or wavy, which is an inheritance from their poodle parent. Their fur can come in a variety of colors and patterns, including black, blue, red, silver, chocolate, white, and multi-colored. Their fur requires regular brushing and trimming to keep it in good condition.

How much fur does an Aussiedoodle shed?

Aussiedoodles are known to shed little to no fur at all, making them a good option for people with allergies. However, they require regular brushing and trimming to keep their coat healthy and to prevent knots and tangles.

Are Aussiedoodles family friendly?

Absolutely! Aussiedoodles are known to be excellent family dogs. They love to be a part of family activities and are known to be good with children. With proper socialization, they can also get along well with other pets.

Acquiring an Aussiedoodle

Getting an Aussiedoodle means finding a responsible breeder who tests parent animals for genetic diseases and provides proper care and socialization for puppies. Remember, the right breeder will have the puppies' best interests in mind and will be ready to support you throughout your ownership.

How many Aussiedoodles are there in Sweden?

In Sweden, there are 98 registered Aussiedoodles as of 2022-12-31.