Balkan bootlegger

A versatile hunting dog from the Balkan region

Balkan Duster, also known internationally as Balkanski Gonic or Serbski Gonic, is a driven hunting dog originating from the Balkan Peninsula. Although the breed excels in hunting, it has also proven to be an excellent family dog ​​thanks to its friendly nature.


The Balkan duster originates from southeastern Europe, specifically in the regions that today make up Serbia and other parts of the Balkans. The breed has a long history and has been an indispensable companion for hunters in the region for centuries.

Traits and temperament

The Balkan Hound is known for its skill and endurance as a hunting dog, but it is also an affectionate and loyal family dog. It is known for being hardy and independent, while being friendly and gentle in the home. The Balkan Duster thrives on activity and needs a lot of exercise, making it a good choice for active families who enjoy the outdoors.


The Balkan Stover is a medium-sized dog, with a height of between 44 and 56 centimeters at the withers, and a weight that is usually between 15 and 20 kilograms. It is strong and muscular, built for endurance and speed, making it an effective hunting dog.

Appearance and Coat

The Balkan Duster has a short and smooth coat, usually in shades of red, black or tan. Their bodies are robust and muscular, illustrating their ability to cope with demanding physical activities.

How much fur does a Balkan Duster shed?

Despite their short coat, Balkan Dusters shed an average amount of hair. Regular brushing can help keep shedding under control and reduce the amount of hair in the home.

Are Balkan Dusters family friendly?

Yes, the Balkan Duster is known to be friendly and gentle in the home, making it an excellent family dog. However, you should bear in mind that, despite their friendly nature, they are hunting dogs and have strong hunting instincts.

How much exercise does a Balkan Duster require?

The Balkan Duster is a very active breed that needs regular exercise to stay healthy and happy. It is best suited for active families that can offer daily walks, games and mental stimulation.

Procurement of Balkan cobblers

Acquiring a Balkan Duster requires commitment to meet its high needs for physical activity. These dogs are best suited to homes where they are given a lot of space to move around and where they can spend a lot of time outdoors. If you can offer this, a Balkan Duster can be an excellent addition to your family.