Bavarian game tracker

The reliable tracking dog from Germany

Bavarian game tracking dog, or Bayerischer Gebirgsschweisshund as it is also known, is a skilled tracking dog, known for its ability to track down injured or sick game. The breed is widely used by hunters and gamekeepers and has a natural ability to focus on the task at hand. Its tenacious nature and sharp mind make it an invaluable companion in the woods and fields.


The origin of the Bavarian game tracker can be found in Germany where the breed was developed to track game on difficult terrain. It has a long history as a tracking dog, and its ancestors probably included various breeds of dogs used for hunting and tracking. Today, the breed is highly valued among hunters and is used in many European countries.

Traits and Temperament

The Bavarian game tracker is an intelligent and willing to work breed that takes its duties seriously. Despite its strong work ethic, it is also a loyal and affectionate family member. The breed is usually reserved towards strangers but not aggressive.


This breed usually weighs between 20 and 30 kg and stands approximately 47 to 52 cm tall at the shoulder. Its powerful construction makes it suitable for demanding tasks.

Appearance and Coat

Bavarian Game Tracker has a thick, dense coat that is reddish to brindle in color. Its coat requires regular grooming to keep it clean and healthy, but it is relatively easy to care for.

How much fur does a Bavarian Game Tracker shed?

A Bavarian Gamehound sheds moderately, and regular brushing helps to control shedding and keep the coat in good condition.

Is Bavarian Game Tracker family friendly?

Yes, with the right training and socialization, the Bavarian Bull Terrier can be an affectionate and loyal part of the family. It gets along best with older children and adults who understand its working nature.

Acquisition of a Bavarian game tracking dog

Acquiring a Bavarian Game Tracker requires careful consideration of its unique needs and work ethic. Potential owners should be prepared to provide adequate training and stimulation. Choosing a responsible breeder and understanding the breed's temperament is key to successful ownership.