The robust and reliable Beauceron

Few breeds combine working ability and beauty as well as the Beauceron. This versatile, intelligent and robust dog breed is both a competent guard and herding dog as well as an excellent family member. Sometimes referred to as the "French Shepherd", the Beauceron has an impressive physique and an intelligent mind, making it an excellent choice for dog lovers looking for an active and loyal companion. Read on to learn more about this distinctive dog breed, its history, characteristics, and what you should know before considering bringing a Beauceron into your home.


The Beauceron is an old French breed, originally developed in the Beauce region, southwest of Paris. They were used as herding dogs and guard dogs, and their main task was to protect and drive livestock. The breed's exact origins are unknown, but its origins date back to the Middle Ages.

Traits and temperament

The Beauceron is known for its intelligence, courage and loyalty. They are very independent, but at the same time very loyal to their family. They have a strong working capacity and are very versatile, making them good working and sporting dogs. Beaucerons are also known to be very protective, making them effective watchdogs. However, these qualities require time and effort to channel in a constructive way.


Beaucerons are a large dog breed, with males standing between 65 and 70 cm in height at the withers, and bitches standing between 61 and 68 cm. They weigh on average between 30-45 kg.

Appearance and coat

A powerful and muscular dog, the Beauceron has a thick, short coat that comes in black and tan, gray or merle. They have dark, expressive eyes and high-set ears, which have traditionally been cropped but nowadays are usually left natural.

How much fur does a Beauceron shed?

Despite its short coat, the Beauceron sheds quite a lot, especially during the spring and fall shedding periods. Regular brushing can help reduce the amount of loose fur in the home.

Is Beauceron family friendly?

Beaucerons are known for their loyalty to their family and they can be very good with children if properly socialized and raised. However, due to their size and energy, interactions between Beaucerons and small children should always be supervised.

How much exercise does a Beauceron require?

As an active and intelligent breed, the Beauceron requires a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. They should get at least one hour of vigorous exercise per day, including play, walks and opportunities to run.

Acquisition of a Beauceron

Bringing a Beauceron into your home is a big commitment. This breed requires a lot of time, effort and commitment, both in terms of exercise and mental stimulation. They thrive best in a home where they have plenty of space to move around and an active lifestyle. When looking for a breeder, it is important to find one who is responsible and committed to the health and welfare of the breed.