A Fascinating companion with distinctive fur

The Bergamasco, with its distinctive and unmistakable coat, is a dog breed full of character and charm. Originally bred as herding dogs, the Bergamasco's strong work ethic, intelligence and calm nature are still evident today. This article will explore all about this fascinating breed, including its origins, characteristics, temperament and what you need to know before choosing a Bergamasco as part of your family.


The Bergamasco is one of the oldest herding dog breeds, with roots dating back over 2000 years. The breed originated in Persia, but was named after the Bergamo region of Italy, where it developed and became popular as a guard and herding dog.

Traits and temperament

Bergamasco are known for their intelligence, calm temperament and strong working instincts. They are naturally protective and alert, making them excellent watchdogs. Despite their protective nature, they are also known to be very hardy and adaptable dogs, who are very affectionate with their owners and families.

They are also very independent and can make their own decisions, which was crucial for their work as herding dogs. However, this independence can make them a bit stubborn during training, but with the right method and patience they can be very docile.


Bergamascos are medium-sized dogs, usually weighing between 26 to 38 kg and standing between 54 to 62 cm tall at the withers.

Appearance and coat

The most distinctive feature of the Bergamasco is its unique coat. The breed's coat consists of three different types of hair that form long "braids" or "mats" that cover the dog's entire body, protecting it from the weather and potential attackers. The color can vary from gray or silver to black or merle.

How much fur does a Bergamasco shed?

Despite the extensive coat, Bergamascos actually shed very little. Their unique coat requires some special care and maintenance, but they do not need to be trimmed and rarely require bathing.

Is Bergamasco's family friendly?

Bergamascos are known to be extremely loyal and loving to their families. They are generally good with children and other pets, and they are known to be very hardy and tolerant dogs.

How much exercise does a Bergamasco require?

Bergamascos are quite an active breed and will need regular exercise to keep them happy and healthy. They like to be active and have a strong attraction to work, so they will enjoy activities such as long walks, hiking, agility training or herding work.

Procurement of a Bergamasco

If you are considering getting a Bergamasco, it is important that you are prepared to commit to the time and effort required to maintain their unique coat. You should also be prepared to give them enough exercise and mental stimulation, as this is an intelligent and active breed. Finally, it is important to note that this breed is best suited to a home where they can receive lots of love and attention, as they are very affectionate and loyal to their families.