The noble hunting dog from France

Billy, with its proud appearance and tireless working capacity, is a dog breed that attracts with its strength and endurance. Originally created for hunting, this breed has a unique blend of nobility and robustness.


The Billy breed originated in France and was created in the 19th century by crossing several local French hunting dog breeds. The breed's name comes from Castle Billy in Poitou, where the breed was originally developed for use in pack hunting game such as deer and wild boar.

Traits and Temperament

Billy dogs are known for their strength, endurance and courage. They are independent and self-assured, which are typical characteristics of hunting dogs. At the same time, they are known to be calm and affectionate towards their owners and families, making them good pets for the right household.


A typical Billy is between 60-70 cm tall at the withers and weighs between 25 and 40 kg, depending on gender and individual differences.

Appearance and Coat

Billy has a strong and muscular appearance, with a noble and expressive face. Their fur is short and white, often with lemon yellow or apricot spots. They have large, dark eyes and drooping ears that give them a friendly and intelligent appearance.

How much fur does a Billy shed?

Like most short-coated breeds, the Billy sheds a lot of hair, but they are not known to shed excessively. Regular brushing can help keep shedding under control and maintain coat health.

Is Billy family friendly?

Despite their independent nature, Billys are known to be affectionate and loyal to their families. They are usually friendly with children and can thrive in a household with other pets if properly introduced.

How much exercise does a Billy require?

As an active and energetic breed, Billy needs a lot of exercise. They do best with several daily walks, and especially appreciate the opportunity to run freely in safe areas.

Procurement of a Billy

If you are interested in getting a Billy, you should look at breed ethical organizations or trusted breeders. It is important to remember that the Billy is an active and independent breed, and is best suited to owners who can give them the outlet for physical activity and mental stimulation they need.