Bluetick coonhound

A Stately Hunter with Southern charm Intact

The Bluetick Coonhound is a dog breed known for its endurance, sharp nose and deep, melodious bark. These dogs are classic American hunters that have become valued members of the family. With its unique blue-marked coat and loyal temperament, the Bluetick Coonhound makes both a strong impression and a lasting bond.


The Bluetick Coonhound originates from the United States, especially the southern parts. They are the result of crossing different dog breeds including Bleu de Gascogne, Foxhound and English Coonhound to create a dog with an excellent ability to track and hunt game, mainly raccoons.

Traits and temperament

The Bluetick Coonhound is known for its brave, determined and hardworking temperament. These dogs are excellent tracking dogs and possess a strong hunting instinct. Despite their willingness to work, they are also known for their loving and loyal nature, making them an excellent family dog.


Bluetick Coonhounds are a large breed, with males measuring between 55 and 69 cm in height and bitches between 53 and 64 cm. They weigh between 20 and 36 kg.

Appearance and coat

The Bluetick Coonhound is best known for its thick, dark coat that is dotted with lighter blue markings. Their ears are long and pendulous, and their expression is often described as warm and friendly.

How much fur does a Bluetick Coonhound shed?

The Bluetick Coonhound sheds moderately and requires regular brushing to keep its coat healthy and free of loose hair. Despite this, they can easily adapt to living both indoors and outdoors.

Is the Bluetick Coonhound family friendly?

Yes, Bluetick Coonhounds make excellent family dogs. They are known for their friendly and loyal nature, and their ability to get along with children and other pets. Their energetic and playful nature makes them an excellent playmate for older children.

How much exercise does a Bluetick Coonhound require?

Bluetick Coonhounds are very active and require regular exercise to keep them healthy and happy. Long walks, playing in the garden, and activities such as tracking and agility can help fulfill their need for both physical and mental stimulation.

Acquiring a Bluetick Coonhound

Bluetick Coonhounds are loyal and loving dogs, but they also require a lot of commitment and time. Their high energy levels and need for regular exercise can be challenging for first-time dog owners. But for those prepared to meet these needs, a Bluetick Coonhound will be an unbeatable companion and family member.

How many Bluetick Coonhounds are there in Sweden?

In Sweden, there are 39 registered Bluetick Coonhounds as of 2022-12-31