Boer dog

A Faithful and Easily Learned South African Working Breed

The Boer dog is an intelligent and adaptable dog breed from South Africa, with a strong will to work and a deep loyalty to its family. These reliable dogs are loved for their versatility as working animals as well as their gentle and affectionate nature as pets.


Boer dog, also known as Boerboel or South African Boer dog, originated in South Africa where it was developed as a farm dog to protect livestock and property. The exact genetic background is unclear, but it is believed to have been mixed from several different European breeds including the Bullmastiff and Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Traits and temperament

The Boer dog is known for its intelligence, independence and strong will to work. They are exceptionally loyal to their family and tend to be protective without being aggressive. Their adaptability and learnability make them excellent for various types of work tasks and dog sports.


The Boer dog is a large and robust dog breed. Males can weigh between 60-70 kg and measure up to 70 cm in height, while females are usually slightly smaller, with a weight between 45-55 kg and a height between 55-65 cm.

Appearance and coat

Boer dog has a powerful body with well-defined muscles. It has a wider head with a strong jaw, and the ears usually hang down at the sides of the head. The coat is short and smooth, and can vary in color from fawn to brown, red, or brindle.

How much fur does a Boer dog shed?

Boer dogs have a short coat that requires minimal maintenance and they shed moderately. Regular brushing can help keep the coat in good condition and reduce the amount of loose hair in the home.

Is the Boer dog family friendly?

Yes, despite their size and working background, Boer dogs are known to be very family friendly. They are patient and careful with children and can form strong bonds with the whole family. However, due to their size and strength, proper training and socialization is important.

How much exercise does a Boer Hound require?

The Boer dog is an active dog breed that requires regular exercise. Long walks, playing in the garden, and mental stimulation in the form of exercise and games can help keep them healthy and happy.

Acquiring a Boer dog

Boer dogs are great dogs for the right person or family. However, they require time and commitment to train and socialize. Acquiring a Boer Hound should be a thoughtful decision, and it is important to be prepared for the responsibilities that come with owning such a large and powerful dog.