Bosnian Rough-haired Duster

An energetic and hardworking breed with rich traditions

When it comes to courage, loyalty and an unparalleled hunting ability, few dog breeds can compare to the Bosnian Longhaired Pointer. Known in its native Bosnia and Herzegovina as the Bosanski Ostrodlaki Gonič Barak, or more simply as the Bosnian Barak, this distinctive breed has earned a reputation as an unrivaled hunter and a devoted family dog.


The origins of the Bosnian Wirehaired Pointer can be traced back to 19th century Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it was bred and honed as a hunting dog to track and catch foxes and hares. At a time when hunters needed a dog with endurance, speed and intelligence to cope with the country's demanding terrain, the Bosnian Barak came into its own. Deeply rooted in the culture and traditions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Bosnian Long-haired Stowman is today a symbol of national pride and an indivisible part of the country's history and heritage.

Traits and Temperament

In addition to its obvious beauty and impressive physique, the Bosnian Rough-haired Stuvar is best known for its sharp intelligence, rugged endurance, and bold temperament. They are strongly attached to their owners and are extremely loyal, making them an excellent family dog. But it's important to remember that their energetic and active nature requires regular exercise routines to keep them happy and healthy.


The Bosnian Wirehaired Pointer is a medium-sized dog, with males reaching a height of 46-55 cm at the withers and bitches reaching a height of 44-53 cm. Weighing between 16 and 24 kilograms, these dogs carry their size with a strong and powerful presence.

Appearance and Coat

Powerful and robust, the Bosnian Wirehaired Pointer is a dog of great physical ability. With strong bones and a powerful frame, these dogs are built for work. Their rough coat, usually in shades of tawny to wheat yellow with white markings, adds to their distinctive appearance. Their large, pendulous ears and deep, expressive eyes enhance their charm and character.

How much fur does a Bosnian Longhaired Pointer shed?

The coat of the Bosnian Rough-haired Duster is rough, but not overly difficult to care for. Despite its rough coat, this breed does not shed more than average. Regular brushing will keep shedding to a minimum and help keep the coat in top condition.

Are Bosnian Rough-haired Dusters Family Friendly?

Definitely! Bosnian Wirehaired Pointers are known to be very family friendly. Their loyal and protective nature, along with their patience and tolerance with children, make them perfect family dogs. Their energetic and playful nature makes them excellent playmates, especially for older children.

Acquisition of a Bosnian Wirehaired Pointer

Getting a Bosnian Longhaired Pointer requires careful research and planning. It is important to find a responsible breeder who focuses on raising dogs in a healthy and loving environment. Remember that this breed requires a lot of exercise and mental stimulation, so ensuring a suitable living environment is essential to their well-being and happiness.