The tenacious and alert striker from France

The Breton is an intelligent, energetic and charming dog breed that originated in the French region of Brittany. Known for its impressive agility, endurance and willingness to work, the Breton is a dog that is loved by hunters the world over. With its small to medium size, distinctive appearance and tireless enthusiasm, the Breton has managed to charm its way into the hearts of many dog ​​lovers.


Originally from Brittany, France, the Breton is the smallest of the pointer dogs, but makes up for it with great energy and enthusiasm. The breed's history goes back to the Middle Ages, where it was used for hunting small game such as birds and hares. The Breton's parent breeds are unknown, but it is believed to be a mix of various French and English Pointers and Dusters. The Breton has become increasingly popular all over the world, especially among hunters, thanks to its strong hunting instinct and ability to work in different terrains and climates.

Traits and Temperament

Bretons are known for their intelligence, adaptability and energy. They have a keen and alert mind, which combined with their strong instincts and endurance, make them excellent hunting dogs. Their nature also makes them very docile and responsive in training. Despite their work-oriented nature, Bretons are also very loving and loyal to their families, making them great companion dogs when given enough exercise and mental stimulation.


Bretons are a small to medium-sized dog breed, with a height at the withers ranging from 48 to 51 cm for males, and 47 to 50 cm for females. The weight of an adult Breton usually varies between 14 and 18 kg, making them a practical size for both everyday life and work use.

Appearance and Coat

With its compact and muscular body, high, erect ears and intense expression, the Breton has a distinct and attractive appearance. Their fur is dense and weather resistant, usually white with varying shades of orange, black or liver. Although their coat is relatively low maintenance, they need regular brushing to keep it healthy and free of mats.

How much fur does a Breton shed?

Bretons are a low to medium height shedding breed. They have a short to medium coat that tends to shed more during the two "shedding seasons" of spring and fall. Regular brushing can help reduce the amount of hair around the home and keep their coat in top condition.

Are Bretons Family Friendly?

Yes, when properly socialized from a young age, Bretons are usually very friendly and well-behaved around children and other pets. They are loving and loyal family members who like to spend time with their people, whether it's on a long hike in the woods or a quiet evening at home.

Procurement of a Breton

Acquiring a Breton means a commitment to provide the necessary exercise and mental stimulation that this active and intelligent breed requires. Bretons do best in homes with active owners who can accommodate their need for physical and mental stimulation. It is also important to consider that they need regular coat maintenance. Whether you buy a puppy from a reputable breeder or adopt from a rescue center, you should do your research and preparation to ensure that a Breton is the right fit for you and your lifestyle.