Cavoodle / Cavapoo


A charming and playful mixed breed

The Cavoodle, also known as the Cavapoo, is a popular mixed breed created by crossing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a Poodle. The result is a charming and playful dog known for its friendly nature and beautiful appearance. They are often easy to train and make excellent family dogs.


The Cavoodle is a relatively new mixed breed that originated in the United States and Australia. The breed was created to combine the elegant appearance of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the intelligence and non-shedding coat of the Poodle. Cavoodles have quickly become popular and loved for their good temperaments and easy-care fur.

Traits and Temperament

Cavoodles are loved for their happy and loving temperament. They are intelligent, friendly and adapt well to different living situations. Their playful nature makes them a wonderful companion for children and adults alike, and they are often very social with other pets.


The size of a Cavoodle can vary depending on the size of the parents. In general, they weigh between 5 and 12 kilograms and have a height of about 25 to 38 centimeters at the withers.

Appearance and Coat

Cavoodles have a soft, wavy coat that can come in a variety of colors, including gold, black, white, and brindle. Their fur tends to be low-allergenic and shed little, making them popular with allergic individuals.

How much fur does a Cavoodle shed?

A Cavoodle usually sheds very little, if at all. This is due to the influence of the Poodle in their gene pool. However, regular trimming and brushing is required to keep the coat in the best condition.

Is Cavoodle Fair?

Cavoodles (Cavapoos) are generally not known for being overly polite, but this can vary from individual to individual. Some may be more likely to bark when they are bored or want attention. It is important to note that some of their barking behavior can be controlled or mitigated through early training and socialization.

As with many small dog breeds, Cavoodles can be more sensitive to sound and therefore tend to react to sounds in their environment by barking. Through positive reinforcement and consistent training, this behavior can be managed.

If you are interested in the breed and are concerned about possible barking, it may be worth speaking to the breeder or owner to get more information about the breed's behavior in this regard.

Are Cavoodles family friendly?

Absolutely! Cavoodles are known to be exceptionally friendly and affectionate with families. They are patient with children and interact well with other pets, making them an ideal choice for many homes.

Acquisition of Cavoodle

Choosing a Cavoodle as a pet requires doing your homework and finding a responsible breeder who prioritizes health and temperament. Socialization and training at an early age will contribute to a happy and well-adjusted dog that will become a beloved member of the family.