Ceskoslovenský vlciak

The wolfdog from Czechoslovakia

Československý Vlčák, also known as Czechoslovak Vlcak or Slovak wolfdog, is a fascinating breed that combines the beauty and ferocity of a wolf with the faithfulness of a dog. Originally bred in Czechoslovakia, this breed has strong ties to its wolf heritage and offers a unique combination of appearance and temperament that makes it unlike any other dog breed.


The breed has its roots in an experimental project that began in Czechoslovakia in 1955. By crossing a Carpathian wolf with a German Shepherd, the researchers wanted to produce a dog with the appearance and endurance of the wolf and the trainability and temperament of the German Shepherd. The result was an intelligent, loyal and hard-working breed that was used in the military and the police.

Traits and temperament

Československý Vlčák is a powerful, independent and intelligent breed. Its unique heritage gives it a distinctive personality that combines the reserved nature of the wolf with the loyalty and trainability of the dog. It is a working breed that thrives on tasks and challenges, and that requires a determined and knowledgeable owner.


Adult individuals can weigh between 20 and 26 kg and stand up to 65 cm in height at the withers. Males are generally larger than females.

Appearance and coat

With its wolf-like appearance and thick double coat, the Československý Vlčák is a breed that really attracts attention. The colors vary from silver gray to yellow gray, and the thick undercoat provides good protection against the cold.

How much fur does a Československý Vlčák shed?

The Československý Vlčák has a thick coat that sheds regularly, especially during the spring and autumn shedding periods. Regular brushing can help manage shedding and keep the coat healthy and beautiful.

Is Československý Vlčák fair?

Československý Vlčák is not known to be a particularly fair breed. Their natural reserved nature and wolf influence mean they are more likely to observe than bark. However, they may vocalize if they feel threatened or challenged.

Is Československý Vlčák family friendly?

This breed can be very family friendly when properly socialized and trained. They have a strong loyalty to their family and can be very loving and protective, especially towards children. However, proper handling and understanding of the breed's unique needs is essential to ensure a happy and harmonious relationship.

Acquisition of Československý Vlčák

Acquiring a Československý Vlčák requires careful consideration and planning. This breed is best suited for experienced dog owners who understand the special needs and requirements of such a unique and powerful dog. Potential owners should make sure they have enough time and resources to devote to proper training and socialization. Finding a responsible breeder who can provide support and guidance is also important to ensure a happy and healthy Československý Vlčák.