Chart Polski

Chart Polski

The Polish Greyhound

The Chart Polski, or the Polish Greyhound as it is also known, is a dog breed with a rich history and distinct characteristics that make it unique. This dog breed is not only known for its speed and agility, but also for its strong loyalty to its owner and family. It combines the classic greyhound characteristics with a hardy and robust constitution, making it a versatile and loyal companion. Whether you are interested in a dog for hunting, sport or just as a loving member of the family, Chart Polski has something to offer.


The Chart Polski originates from Poland and is an old sighthound breed. The breed has developed over several centuries and has strong influences from other sighthound breeds, but has been adapted to Poland's climate and terrain.

What type of dog is Chart Polski?

Chart Polski is a greyhound, also known as sighthound in English. The breed is notable for its athletic ability, speed and agility. Originally, it was used for hunting, where its ability to see and follow prey from afar is of paramount importance. The breed is therefore very focused and can be reserved, but it is also known for its loyalty to its family. Its greyhound nature makes it particularly suitable for activities that require speed and endurance, such as lure coursing.

Traits and temperament

The Chart Polski is known for its calm and independent temperament. They are loyal to their family and can be reserved with strangers.


These dogs are medium to large, with a height varying between 60 and 75 cm.

Appearance and coat

Chart Polski has a lean, muscular build. The coat is short and dense, and comes in various color combinations.

How much fur does a Chart Polski shed?

Chart Polski sheds moderately and is considered relatively easy to care for when it comes to fur care.

Is Chart Polski hypoallergenic?

The breed is not known to be hypoallergenic.

Feed and diet

A well-balanced diet rich in protein and fat is recommended for this active breed.

Training and exercise

The Chart Polski requires regular exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy.


These dogs are generally healthy, but may be susceptible to certain genetic diseases such as hip dysplasia.

Special care needs

Regular exercise and mental stimulation are important, as is regular veterinary care.

Care and grooming

Simple coat care and regular nail clippings are all that is required to keep a Chart Polski in good condition.

Common behavioral problems and solutions

Reservedness towards strangers can be a behavior problem. Socialization from a young age is important.

Is Chart Polski fair?

Generally speaking, the Chart Polski is not known as a particularly fair breed. However, their natural hunting instinct and high energy levels may cause them to bark more in certain situations, such as when they see potential prey or feel bored. As with most dog breeds, baldness can also vary between individuals, so it's important to properly train and socialize your Chart Polski to minimize unwanted barking.

Is Chart Polski family friendly?

Yes, with proper training and socialization, they can make excellent family dogs.

What is the lifespan of a Chart Polski?

The average lifespan of a Chart Polski is around 10-14 years.

Acquisition of Chart Polski

If you are considering getting a Chart Polski, do your research and make sure you are ready for the commitment this breed requires.


The Chart Polski is a fantastic breed that offers a combination of athletic ability and loyalty. They are excellent as both hunting dogs and companion dogs.