Collie - Shorthair

Short-haired Collie
The smooth beauty from Scotland

Short-haired Collie, or Smooth Collie as it is called in English, is a graceful and intelligent dog breed known for its smooth coat and friendly temperament. This working breed, with deep roots in Scotland, has over the years become a beloved family member in homes all over the world.


The Short-haired Collie originated in Scotland and has been around for centuries. The breed was originally developed to help shepherds with cattle and sheep, and its original task required a fast, intelligent and responsive dog. During the 19th century, the breed became popular as a companion dog, especially among British royalty and the nobility, which helped increase the breed's popularity and status.

What type of dog is the Short Haired Collie?

Originally a working dog, the Short-haired Collie is today mostly a companion dog but still retains its working instinct.

Traits and temperament

The breed is known for its calm and balanced temperament. They are intelligent, friendly and loving towards their families, making them excellent companions.


An adult short-haired Collie weighs between 20-30 kg and stands between 51-61 cm in height.

Appearance and coat

It has a short, dense and smooth coat that can be sable, tricolor or blue. The breed has a noble head, attentive ears and a powerful body.

How much fur does a short-haired Collie shed?

The breed sheds moderately and requires regular brushing to keep the coat in top condition.

Is Short Haired Collie Hypoallergenic?

Despite its shorter coat, the Short-Haired Collie is not particularly known as a hypoallergenic breed.

Feed and diet

A well-balanced diet is important to maintain the breed's health and energy.

Training and exercise

The breed requires regular exercise to stay active and happy. Their intelligence also makes them amenable to mental training and activities.


Although they are generally healthy, the Short Haired Collie can be susceptible to certain health conditions such as hip dysplasia or certain eye diseases.

Special care needs

It is important to keep the eyes clean and to check the ears regularly to prevent infections.

Care and grooming

Regular brushing and occasional bathing is all that is required to keep their fur in good condition.

Common behavioral problems and solutions

Untrained or understimulated Shorthaired Collies can develop behavioral problems such as chewing or excessive barking. Regular exercise and exercise can help prevent these problems.

Is Short Haired Collie Fair?

If they are not properly trained, they may be prone to barking, especially if they feel bored or lonely.

Is Short Haired Collie Family Friendly?

Yes, they are excellent family dogs and get along well with children and other animals when properly trained and socialized.

What is the lifespan of a Short Haired Collie?

With proper care, a short-haired Collie can be expected to live between 10-14 years.

Acquiring a Shorthaired Collie

For those thinking of getting a Shorthair Collie, it is important to search for a responsible breeder and to be prepared for an active and engaged lifestyle with the dog.

Difference between long-haired and short-haired Collie

The most obvious difference between long-haired and short-haired Collies lies in the coat. Long-haired Collie, often just called Collie, has a thick, flowing coat that requires regular brushing. The short-haired variety, also known as the Smooth Collie, has a short, dense coat. Both varieties share the same origins and temperaments but may differ slightly in grooming needs due to their coats. While long-haired Collies may require more grooming to avoid tangles, short-haired Collies may have easier coat maintenance but still need regular brushing.


The Short-haired Collie is an intelligent and loyal breed that is suitable for both work and as a family member. Their beauty and good nature make them a beloved companion for many families all over the world.