Dunker duster

The energetic hunting champion from Norway

Dunker stövare, usually called Dunker, is a lively and willing to work breed that has its roots in Norway. With his sharp nose and tenacious hunting instinct, Dunker is a favorite among hunters, especially those who hunt hare and fox.


The Dunkerstövare breed was created by the Norwegian captain Wilhelm Dunker by crossing local Norwegian dogs with imported breeds to achieve a strong and reliable hare hunter. The breed was officially recognized at the beginning of the 20th century and proudly bears the name of its creator.

What type of dog is Dunkerstövare?

Dunkerstövare is a hunting dog, known above all for its ability to hunt hares and foxes with its persistent and determined manner.

Traits and temperament

Dunkers are an intelligent and independent breed. They are also known to be friendly and loyal, making them excellent companion dogs when not hunting.


Dunkerstövare is a medium-sized breed with an average weight of around 25-30 kg and a height of around 50-55 cm at the withers.

Appearance and coat

Dunkers have a smooth and short coat, usually in color combinations of black and white or blue merle. Its muscular body and erect ears give it an alert expression.

How much fur does Dunkerstövare shed?

Dunkerstövare sheds moderately, but with its short coat, grooming is relatively easy with regular brushing.

Is Dunkerstövare hypoallergenic?

Dunker dusters are not considered particularly hypoallergenic, so those with sensitivities should think this through carefully before getting a Dunker.

Feed and diet

With its active lifestyle, the Dunker needs a balanced diet rich in protein and energy to support its hunting adventures.

Training and exercise

The active Dunker needs daily exercise. In addition to hunting activities, they appreciate long walks, play and other physical activity.


In general, Dunkers are a healthy breed, but may be susceptible to certain genetic health conditions. Regular veterinary visits are recommended.

Special care needs

In addition to the usual health checks, Dunkerstövar's ears should be checked regularly for signs of infection or dirt.

Care and grooming

The short coat of a Dunkerstövare is relatively easy to care for. Regular brushing to remove loose fur and dirt is all that is needed.

Common behavioral problems and solutions

Without sufficient exercise, Dunker can become restless. Regular exercise and activity helps prevent behavioral problems.

Is Dunkerstøvare reasonable?

Dunkers can be vocal, especially when they sense a prey. Proper training and socialization can help reduce excessive barking.

Is Dunkerstövare family friendly?

Yes, the Dunker is known to be very good with children and other pets, and is often loving and patient within the family.

What is the lifespan of a Dunker Stew?

With good care and attention, a Dunkerstövare can be expected to live for around 12-14 years.

To acquire a Dunker Stövare

If you are considering getting a Dunkerstövare, it is important to do extensive research and to find a responsible breeder.


Dunkerstövare is an energetic and loyal dog breed that excels in hunting. With the right care and training, it can also become a wonderful family member.