English Bulldog

English bulldog

The quintessentially British companion


The English Bulldog originates from ancient Britain, where it was originally used for bullfighting. After the sport was banned in the mid-19th century, the breed has become a popular companion dog.

What type of dog is the English Bulldog?

The English Bulldog is a medium-sized breed with a short, compact build and a wrinkled face. Despite its tough appearance, it is known for its soft and loving temperament.

Traits and temperament

English Bulldog is calm, protective and loyal. They are very affectionate with their families and are excellent as family dogs.


The breed usually weighs between 18-25 kg, with a height at the withers of around 31-40 cm.

Appearance and coat

They have a short, wrinkled face, wide muzzles and a thick, muscular body. Their fur is short, fine and can be in a variety of colors.

How much fur does the English Bulldog shed?

They shed moderately but regular brushing can help keep shedding under control.

Is the English Bulldog hypoallergenic?

The breed is not considered hypoallergenic and can therefore cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

Feed and diet

English Bulldogs have a tendency to be overweight, so it is important to have a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Training and exercise

They need daily walks, but not too much exercise due to their short nose and tendency to breathing difficulties.


They may be susceptible to certain health problems, such as hip dysplasia, breathing problems and skin infections due to their wrinkled skin.

Special care needs

The wrinkled folds of their skin need to be cleaned regularly to prevent infections.

Care and grooming

Regular brushing and bathing when necessary as well as cleaning of skin folds is important for the breed's health and well-being.

Common behavioral problems and solutions

English Bulldogs can be stubborn, so consistent training from an early age is recommended.

Is the English Bulldog fair?

They can be vocal if they feel threatened or bored, but overall they are not overly talkative.

Is the English Bulldog family friendly?

Yes, they are known to be particularly good with children and other pets.

What is the lifespan of an English Bulldog?

With proper care, an English Bulldog can be expected to live between 8-10 years.

Acquiring an English Bulldog

If you are considering purchasing an English Bulldog, you should carefully research breeders and be aware of the breed's specific health needs.


The English Bulldog is a charismatic and loving dog breed, perfect for those looking for a loyal and quiet companion. With the right care and attention, it will become a beloved part of every family.