Caucasian shepherd dog / Kavkazskaja ovtjarka

The majestic guardian of the Caucasus

Caucasian Shepherd Dog, also known as Kavkazskaja ovtjarka , is a majestic and powerful breed that originates from the mountainous regions of the Caucasus. This breed is famous for its courageous nature and impressive size. Despite its tough exterior, it is known to be loyal and loving towards its family.


The Caucasian Shepherd Dog originates from the Caucasus Mountains, where it has historically been used to protect livestock from predators. The breed's exact origins are unknown, but it has existed in the region for centuries and is closely related to other herding dogs in the area.

Traits and Temperament

This breed is known for its intelligence and courage. They are loyal to their owners and very protective of their family members. Despite their size, they can be gentle and loving, but they need an experienced owner who understands how to handle such a large and strong dog.


Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are large dogs, with males weighing between 50 to 100 kilograms and standing between 70 to 90 centimeters in height at the withers. Bitches are usually slightly smaller.

Appearance and Coat

Caucasian Shepherd Dog has a thick, double coat that protects them from the harsh winter conditions of their original home. They can be a variety of colors, including white, brindle, gray and red.

How much fur does a Caucasian Shepherd Dog shed?

They shed a decent amount of fur, especially during the shedding season. Regular brushing is required to keep the coat healthy and to minimize loose hair in the home.

Are Caucasian Shepherd Dogs Family Friendly?

Yes, with proper training and socialization, they can make excellent family dogs. Their natural guarding instinct and loyalty make them a reliable friend and protector of the family.

Procurement of Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Choosing a Caucasian Shepherd requires careful consideration and preparation. This breed requires time, patience and understanding of its unique needs. Finding a responsible breeder and engaging in early training and socialization are essential to a happy and healthy dog.