Maremmano Abruzzese

Italy's majestic guardian of the flock

The Maremmano Abruzzese, also known as the Maremma Sheepdog, is an ancient dog breed from Italy, with roots in the Maremma and Abruzzo regions. This stately and powerful breed has been an indispensable part of Italian agricultural culture and is renowned for its role as a cattle dog. The Maremmano Abruzzese is not only a skilled shepherd and protector, but has also been loved as a family dog.


The origins of the Maremmano Abruzzese date back over 2000 years, where the breed was used by shepherds in the Italian regions of Maremma and Abruzzo to protect livestock from predators such as wolves. Its working ability and loyalty to its owners have helped the breed maintain its popularity as a working and family dog ​​to this day.

Traits and Temperament

The Maremmano Abruzzese is known for its calm and focused temperament. They are intelligent and independent dogs, which makes them exceptional watchdogs. Despite their seriousness at work, they are also known for their affection and loyalty to their owners and families.


This breed is quite large, with a weight usually between 35 and 45 kg and a height of about 60 to 73 cm at the shoulder.

Appearance and Coat

Maremmano Abruzzese have a thick, long and white coat that gives them a majestic appearance. This fur also acts as a protection against the climate of their home regions. Regular brushing is recommended to keep the fur in the best condition.

How much fur does a Maremmano Abruzzese shed?

The Maremmano Abruzzese can shed a moderate amount of fur, especially during the spring and autumn shedding seasons. Regular brushing can help manage and reduce the amount of loose hair.

Is Maremmano Abruzzese family friendly?

Yes, Maremmano Abruzzese can be very family friendly. They are loyal and affectionate towards their families, although they can be reserved towards strangers. Proper socialization and training is the key to a successful relationship with this breed.

Procurement of Maremmano Abruzzese

Acquiring a Maremmano Abruzzese requires thought and planning, as the breed thrives best with plenty of space and regular exercise. They are perfect for an active family that is prepared to commit to a long-term relationship with a loyal and hardworking companion.