Scottish Deerhound / Deerhound

The majestic deerhound from Scotland

The majestic deerhound from Scotland

For those looking for a dog that combines strength, elegance and a rich history, the Scottish Deerhound, also known as the Deerhound, is an excellent choice. This majestic breed is equally at home in castles as it is in modern living rooms, offering a unique blend of hunting instinct and sophisticated charm.


Scottish Deerhound has a long and proud history that stretches back to ancient Scotland. The breed was originally intended for hunting deer and other large game in the Scottish Highlands. They were highly valued by clan leaders and Scottish nobility, and it was not uncommon to see them depicted in art and literature throughout the ages.

What type of dog is Scottish Deerhound?

Scottish Deerhound is a hunting and companion dog known for its ability to hunt deer. However, they are also great as family dogs thanks to their gentle and loyal nature.

Traits and temperament

Deerhounds are known for their calm and balanced nature. They are usually very friendly, both towards people and other animals, making them excellent companions.


This breed is large, with a height at the withers that usually varies between 71 and 76 cm for males, and slightly less for bitches. They often weigh between 40 and 50 kg.

Appearance and coat

Deerhounds have a shaggy, coarse coat and a tall, slender build typical of greyhounds. They are available in several colors, including blue gray, dark gray and tiger striped.

How much fur does a Scottish Deerhound shed?

Deerhounds shed a moderate amount of fur, especially during the changing seasons. Regular brushing is recommended to keep the coat in good condition.

Is Scottish Deerhound hypoallergenic?

This breed is generally not considered hypoallergenic due to the amount of fur they shed.

Feed and diet

A balanced diet rich in protein and fiber is important for Deerhounds, especially given their active lifestyle.

Is Scottish Deerhound family friendly?

Yes, Scottish Deerhound is known for its friendly and loyal nature and usually gets along very well with children and other pets.

What is the lifespan of a Scottish Deerhound?

The average lifespan of a Scottish Deerhound is between 8 and 11 years, depending on health and care.

Procurement of Scottish Deerhound

If you are considering getting a Scottish Deerhound, you should carefully consider both the needs of the breed and your own living conditions. It is important to buy from a responsible breeder and to be prepared for both the time and financial investment. The breed requires regular exercise, good diet and potentially supplements to stay healthy.


Scottish Deerhound is a magnificent breed that offers a blend of beauty, strength and loyalty. They are excellent as both hunting and companion dogs, and with the right care they can be a wonderful addition to almost any family.