Cat toy Colorful Pussies

Cat toy Colorful Pussies

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Colorful pussies for fun cat play

A cat toy that, in our opinion, is somewhat difficult to define! Is it a ball, a spring, a dot or something else. We have chosen to call them pussies. A cat toy in its simplest form. A round small colorful ball consisting of fringes and feathers sticking upwards. Tussen is very light in weight and weighs only three grams, which is also why we chose to call it a tussen. Much more than that is not this toy. Small light and colorful pussies that are for the cat to play around with. But it doesn't really need to be more advanced than that because it doesn't take much more to maintain a cat. Just like they can entertain themselves with a string or feather for several hours. In any case, your cat will not be bored with these.

Use of frayed balls for the cat

This cat toy is a small ball or fluffy toy for cats to play with. If you want to simplify it, you could say that it is a ball in a different format. A simple little toy that cats appreciate and is ready to use as is.



Dimensions: See picture

Weight: 3 g


Package Contents

Frenchy balls

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