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Toothpaste Dog

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Fresh oral hygiene with good dog toothpaste

Fresh Friends dog toothpaste guarantees good oral hygiene for your four-legged family member. As you as a pet owner are probably already aware, it is at least as important that the dog brushes its teeth as it is for us humans. This should also be done daily.

A prerequisite for it to work is, of course, that you use toothpaste - a good toothpaste.

Fresh Friends toothpaste for dogs is a high-quality dog ​​toothpaste that effectively counteracts plaque and calculus.

The right taste and ingredients

On the other hand, getting your doggie to accept tooth brushing is not always so easy. Could be anything from the fact that it is not used to it, that it does not like it or that the toothpaste in question is not very appetizing.

Regarding the latter, Fresh Friends dog toothpaste has for a long time developed a dog toothpaste that is tested and accepted by many dogs. The toothpaste is available in steak and mint flavors and are perfect flavors to entice you to brush your teeth, and usually also the only thing that entices you to brush your teeth. So with our toothpaste for dogs, you can feel sure that you are getting a well-proven product with good flavors and well-composed and safe ingredients. In addition, it does not foam and does not require any kind of mouth rinse and is easy to swallow.

Use of dog toothpaste

The fur glove is intended for use on pets, such as dogs, cats, horses, rabbits or others. It has exactly the same function as a normal fur brush and can therefore be used for the same purpose. Collected fur is easily removed by pulling it away from the glove. the fur glove is also water resistant and can therefore be used to shampoo the pet, and therefore also washed.



Weight: 100 g

Dimensions: 16x1.5 cm

Package contents

1 x Dog toothpaste

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