Tethering hook / Tethering post
Tethering hook / Tethering post
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Tethering hook / Tethering post

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Tether hook for Free and Happy Times in the Garden and on the Adventure

Let your dog enjoy garden adventures and exciting excursions with our fantastic leash hook! Perfect for those who love being outdoors and want to give your dog the opportunity to run freely without running too far.

Simple and practical use

Our tether hook is easy to use - you simply screw it into the ground, and it's ready to use. No hassle with complicated installations!

Safe and controlled freedom

Simply attach your running leash or a long leash to the sturdy o-ring, and your dog will be able to explore the garden or be leashed on excursions, camping, fairs or other places where it is appropriate to have the dog leashed outside. Perfect for giving your four-legged friend some controlled freedom.

Galvanized steel for durability

Our tether hook is made of high-quality galvanized steel that ensures long-lasting durability and reliable use. It withstands challenging weather conditions and will be your faithful companion during many adventures.

Experience the joy together

With our tether hook, you can enjoy every moment in the garden or on adventures with your dog. Watch it run around merrily and happily while you have full control over the distance it can explore.

Pamper your dog with freedom and security in the garden and on exciting adventures with our reliable and comfortable leash hook. Order your hook today and create happy memories together with your beloved dog!

Use of tether hook - Tether post

A tether hook, also called a tether post, is a screwed "steel stick" that is screwed into the grass to act as an attachment for the leash. The leash is attached to the tether hook so that the dog can then run around as far as the leash reaches. Quite simply, it is a post to which a leash is attached. The tether hook is screwed into the grass by hand until it stands firm and stable. Then you thread over or tie the dog's leash to it.



Length: 41 cm


Package Contents

1 x Tethering hook / Tethering post

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